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 Hey guys, Hope to see u again

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Hey guys, Hope to see u again Empty
PostSubject: Hey guys, Hope to see u again   Hey guys, Hope to see u again Icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2008 12:35 pm


I'm sure most of you have noticed I havnt been around much this past month.

well, it seems like my schedule is changed and I wont be available early afternoons anymore.
I'm going to have to go ahead and suspend my ffxi account again.

anyway, I hope the best for all of you and am thankful I had the chance to meet you.
maybe we will meet some other place one day on the vast internetz w

thanx for all the gear u helped me get and I hope ur group runs continue to get better as the new members get adjusted

anyway, so, see you again! Mad
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Hey guys, Hope to see u again
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