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PostSubject: i lol'd   i lol'd Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2008 6:41 pm

Fhqwghads wrote:
[size=150]AND now it's time to play![/size]

i lol'd Fffeudoo8

i lol'd Blanksrj0

Ok people welcome to Final Fantasy Feud! We have our contestant Sage Sundi here. Let's get the ball rolling! Name something that will make players of Final Fantasy XI incredibly happy.

Sage Sundi wrote:
Battle Music! Up until now, battle music would only be triggered when the player executes the "attack" command on an enemy. This has meant that battle music is not triggered when other commands, such as "magic," are used instead. The development team has made considerations for battle music to be triggered based on factors such as distance from the enemy, and whether or not a party member is engaged in battle. However, it was raised that triggers that would cause unexpected and abrupt changes in BGM would not be well received by our players. Furthermore, depending on platform, sound playback can be a hardware intensive process. Frequent changes in music would result in lowered hardware performance, e.g. a delay in log messages. For these reasons, the battle music system has been left untouched until now. For the next version update, however, our programmers have been working hard to make improvements to the battle music system become reality. These adjustments should allow battle music to play if you are within the vicinity of a party member currently engaged with an enemy, even if you yourself have not executed the "attack" command. This way, even those who play with long range attack characters such as mages, will not have to miss out on an essential atmospheric element in the game. While it may not be possible to account for all scenarios, due to the nearly limitless ways in which battles can be initiated; we believe this will improve things significantly.
i lol'd Sundi1xu8

Sundi says Battle Music! Show me Battle Music!

i lol'd 1rednz0

Aww. sorry Sundi, that doesn't look like it was very exciting. Let's try again. Name something that will make players of Final Fantasy XI incredibly happy.

Sage Sundi wrote:
Monster Name Text Color! A new text color will be added to monster names, in order to differentiate those that are engaged with an alliance member as opposed to those engaged with players from another party. The names of monsters being engaged by an alliance member will now be displayed as reddish-purple.
i lol'd Sundi2vs1

Ok Sandi, sorry, Sundi wants to see Monster Name Text Color. Survey saaaaaaaaays?

i lol'd 2rednz5

Hmm, these players seem to be pretty finicky, Sundi. You've got one more shot! Name something that will make players of Final Fantasy XI incredibly happy.

Sage Sundi wrote:
Macro and Marker Data. Until now, it has been possible to store character macro and marker data only on the hard disk drives of players' game machines. However, the next version update will make it possible to also store this data on PlayOnline's servers. Now you can enjoy the convenience of using your very own user-defined macros no matter where you go!
i lol'd Sundi3ir8

He says Macro and Marker Data! Shoooow me Macro and Marker Data!

i lol'd 3redbj6

Aww, that's too bad, Sage Sundi. Looks like you and SE won't be going home with any rewards. Maybe you can get it right on another show. That's all for now, see you next time, on Final Fantasy Feeeeeud!

Sage Sundi wrote:
i lol'd Sundiwuttb7

from BG,so awesome lol

reason: http://www.playonline.com/pcd/topics/ff11eu/detail/2903/detail.html
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PostSubject: Re: i lol'd   i lol'd Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2008 7:34 pm

but thats what I wanted!!!!!!1

oh wait no it wasnt WTF SE!!!
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PostSubject: Re: i lol'd   i lol'd Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2008 8:15 pm

lol yeah I read "SE announces new battle changes" as a title then after reading the plans, was well gutted. Battle music is definately the most pointless change though, 90% of the FFXI community doesn't even use the music 99% of the time.

Bet you the effort made to change the programming for it would have been the same or even less as for updating the graphics engine to run from the GPU rather than the CPU on pc's, or fixing the terrible geforce 8 series and windows vista lag issues.

just lame SE :<
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PostSubject: Re: i lol'd   i lol'd Icon_minitime

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i lol'd
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