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 Fun? Can I have it?

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PostSubject: Fun? Can I have it?   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:07 am

Character Name(s):Harts
Main Job(s):75 NiN, Drg, Brd
Sub Jobs:Drk, drg war, whm, blm, sam, brd

ZM Status:Done
CoP Status:Done
ToUA Status:22
Previous End-Game Experience: Experience in Sky, limbus, HNM's NM's ZM CoP mission, Dynamis. have some Experience in sea but mostly go there for Limbus or orgain farming so far. But pritty much every thing else i've been there done done that

Availability: I live on the west cost in cali, so my time zone doesnt match "But" I work at night's so i'll be on for when ever you do your sky limbus sea event's cuz ofmy work so i doubt i'll miss any thing unless it's irl stuff

Where did you hear about us? From my GF Kagomei who said I left her behind on some mission's or what ever which I have no idea what she mean's... <.<;;;;

Do you know people in the shell? only pearson I know would be Kagomei, i've meet a few other's by party's and since im not doing Dynamis with the ls most of your ls member's are in

What do you want get out of this Linkshell? Killing big thing, geting uber gear like every one else, but mostly want a ls that fair to one onther, and most in portanly is haveing a ls with no drama. It's a game so should be fun and not have any of that crap at all, even though at time's it may happen here and there in any ls is fine. But not on a daly bases.

Extra Info about me and my Job's: nin and brd are the most used on end game ls, brd and nin gear + sub's are set and ready for any mission BCNM KS HNM NM SKY LIMBUS SEA or what ever set for the time. Im alway's willing to drop what ever im doing to help out the ls for what ever reason unless it's somethng that I need to take care of at that time. But will do my best to finsh as fast as posbile. even willing to go duo faf if he's up for the hell of it knowing what the end of the battle would look like D: Like i said earlyer, this is a game so im here to have fun and spend time with my babe, but I know when to take matter's seraisely and throw on that game face!

PS. <3 Kagomei <3 <.<;;;
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PostSubject: awww   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:28 am

awww so cute babe, you actually applied bounce I'd like to shed some light on some things about Harts. He has been online every night gmt time helping me with Cop and finally at it's end. i wont go into personal details like how hes a sweetheart and like to mispell words lol. he actually has a lot of experience in Sky and HMNs, hes just being shy. And one of the big reasons he does Sky and stuff is because he really like his Dragoon and wants to get the best equips for it. I cant vouch that hell show up to every event we have, but i can say this.
me and him lvl everynight gmt time and do some kind of mission or quest together, and he is very reliable ... and hes mine so chicks, stay away Evil or Very Mad Anywho, good luck babe. hope you get pearled.

p.s - what do you mean you dont know what i mean about leaving me behind scratch you know exactly what i mean .. ill see you in game Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Fun? Can I have it?   Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:19 pm

i'm sure it won't be a problem,just need the ok from 2 othere sack and your in ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Fun? Can I have it?   Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:42 pm

Hey Harts

We currently do have a lot of ninjas in our linkshell so i am not sure how much you will get to play on this job. But saying that all our ninjas have different jobs they can play as well. Your bard will most probly be used the most and since you have a variety of tank dd and mage i am sure you will benefit the shell. Besides im not going to say no if you wish to be with your gf in our shell.

So i approve of your application but id still like to get Gavions feedback, please bare with us for another day or two.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun? Can I have it?   Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:20 pm

Hey there Harts, I belive i've had the honor of meeting you once. Wink You seemed alright to me then. On a more serious side though. Like Mistyca said, we do currently have shit load of NINs and have kinda closed applications for NINs. But you're saying that you're willing to come on BRD as well.. so if you do that, I don't see a problem with letting you in as well.

So I approve.

Please contact me or Mistyca in-game for pearl.

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PostSubject: Re: Fun? Can I have it?   

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Fun? Can I have it?
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