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 About myself

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PostSubject: About myself   Wed May 16, 2007 9:34 am

Hi guys. I thought id let you first know about myself before i ask to get to know about you.

I have been playing since September 2004 and have been doing sky and HNMs ever since my whm reached level 70. My last LS was Eden and before that Silent Dawn so i am fairly up to date considering endgame shells. Have a fair amount of Sea knowledge and Dynamis experience as well. My knowledge of FFXI is not perfect ( thats why wiki is there >.>; ) but its up to date so i dont go kill myself or others when i attempt an event.

I currently have a level 75 WHM , 75 NIN and 69 BLM (which if all goes well should be 75 eventually... go go Toau expansion ._.)

I will be hosting this web site so if things go wrong on it notify me please. I am not an expert in hosting pages since its not my field, that would be more into graphic designing so i do not know everything!

ALSO! My temper <.<; is not the best in the world since i hate to lose. SO BE WARNED! However i would never look at myself higher than another person or make anyone feel bad regardless of how long they played or how old they are. UNLESS.... they dont want to learn, cause i hate those people who think they are all-knowing.

Thats about it. ^^v
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PostSubject: Re: About myself   Wed May 30, 2007 4:35 pm

Mistyca wrote:

ALSO! My temper <.<; is not the best in the world since i hate to lose. SO BE WARNED!

That's when Misty throws at you the famous "We need to talk" line D:
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About myself
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