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PostSubject: errrrrrrrr   Sat May 19, 2007 1:26 pm


"Errrrr ummmm hmmmm ok ok I got it!"
*Snatches the microphone*
"This is a little song i'd like to dedicate too....wait....what?...This isn't Karaoke night? Ah damn it!"
*Shifts about uneasily on the spot and adjusts her dress*
"Well isn't this just awkward, heheh this is so embarassing, well lets just talk about me instead aye? Right? Right!"
*Sigh's and throws the microphone away to the side*
"Well, lets see, been playing FFXI since late 2005 and am happy to say its still addicting after 2 and half years, got Brd, Pld and Bst, to 75, whm 70 and ninja otw. My real-life hobbies include anime, music of all kinds, drawing, sketching and inking and reading. Oh and my gorgeous Kimono!"
*pauses to think*
"What more do you people want? Me as a person? Are...you...sure? Fine Fine. Im easy enough to get along with and will put up with alot of stuff others lose their temper over. I also take pride in being the best i can be in any given situation and will call people out if they arnt trying to do a good job."
""Oh I am kind, but im not a pushover.""
"Well that should do it I think, buhbye."
*Shuffles off*
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PostSubject: /wave   Sun May 20, 2007 1:34 am

Nice to meet ya and welcome Very Happy
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